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China Office: Innovation Tower, A-12,Software Park,Xiamen Torch Hi-Tech Zone,Fu Jian Province,P.R.China    
Mail  Box: Innovation Tower, A-12#,Zhen Zhu Wan Software Park,Xiamen Torch Hi-Tech Zone,Fu Jian Province,P.R.China   361005
TEL:  +86-592-3018200 
FAX:  +86-592-3228077 
For technical support or customer support, please make the following contact:
Lighting LED Products
Phone:  +86-592-3018266
Audio Amplifier and other products-
Phone: +86-592-3018266
Cellular Phone/PDA
Digital Still Camera
Panel LED Driver
LED Lighting
Portable DVD
Design Support
Technical Documents
Design Resources
Technical Support

Quality Ensure System
Quality Policy/Manual
Reliability Information
Failure Analysis
ISO Certification
General Information
High Tech Certificate

Products Service
Product Change Notifications
Request Samples

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