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Si-En’s New Product SN3728 with Audio Equalizer and Audio-synchronized Display Modes

Si-En announced its another new LED array driver SN3728 with audio equalizer mode and audio-synchronized display mode. This IC has ADC converter, memory register and intelligent digital process module, using self-scan principle, no need for external software process, can easily display audio equalizer of different frequency bands, support any programmed-graphics breathing effect and audio-synchronized breathing effect.
SN3728 has the following features:
1.      Array display for 5X11, 6X10, 7X9, 8X8.
2.      Has internal scan mode no need for external real-time programming.
3.      Audio equalizer of different frequency bands display.
4.      Any graphics breathing effect programming and auio-synchronization
5.      I2C/SPI interface.
6.      Audio gain can be adjusted via internal set-up, scan current can be set up.
SN3728 power supply range is 3.0V to 5.5V, has internal temperature protection, operating temperature range from –40℃ to +85℃, using small package of QFN24, has been in production.
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