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Highly Capacitive Speaker Class G Audio Driver SN4915

The leader in analog mixed-signal semiconductor industry, Si-En Technology recently unveiled its another new product – specially designed for highly capacitive ceramic loudspeaker Class G audio driver SN4915. Its output peak voltage is up to 20V, the electric-acoustic conversion efficiency is quite high, it can save up to 2/3 of power compared with the conventional Moving-coil loudspeaker, and greatly extended battery life.
Due to the big volume of current moving-coil loudspeaker and the need of sound space, the handheld device thickness cannot be reduced too much. If the super-thin ceramic loudspeaker is used, then this problem is resolved.
Ceramic loudspeaker plan has the following features:
1.       Super thin in thickness of less than 1mm
2.       Very high electric-acoustic conversion efficiency
3.       No coil and thus no electric-magnetic interference
4.       Capacitive load, need high driving voltage but current consumption is very low
To reach ideal sound effect, ceramic loudspeaker manufacturer specified that peak voltage on capacitive load has to be above 12V. Current Lithium battery used in handheld device operating voltage range is 3.3V ~ 4.2V, if the conventional audio amplifier is used, then the output peak voltage range is 7V ~ 8.4V, much less than the driving requirement for ceramic loudspeaker.
Si-En’s Class G audio amplifier SN4915 resolves the above problems. Without using inductor, the internally integrated charge-pump can generate negative voltage, combined with the positive voltage, it can provide power supply needed for device’s high power module. When Vcc is 5V, the output peak voltage can reach 20V. SN4915’s electric-acoustic conversion efficiency is very high. When SPL is 90dB(f = 500Hz ~ 10KHz), the conventional moving-coil loudspeaker average input power is about 520mW and need about 200mA driving current, but the ceramic loudspeaker input power is 170mW on the average and only 50mA driving current. Therefore, using SN4915 audio driver can satisfy the need for thinner thickness, power saving and longer operation time of handheld devices.
SN4915 also integrated in over-heat protection and advanced Pop & Click reduction circuits. SN4915 is a lead-free product, operating temperature ranges from –40℃ to +85℃, using small package of QFN20, it has been in production.
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