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Si-En SN3352 received CSIA’s “2009 China Semiconductor Innovative Products and Technology”award

On January 20, 2010, LED driver SN3352 with temperature compensation function developed by Si-En, a leading analog and mixed-signal design company, has received “2009 China Semiconductor Innovative Products and Technology” award from CSIA(China Semiconductor Industry Association). CSIA is most prestigious organization in China’s semiconductor industries and has more than 520 members including all top-ranked Chinese semiconductor design and manufacturing companies. This award is only given to the products which are developed in China, have self-developed IP, already have applications in the market and have entered into production.
SN3352 has luminous decay control and temperature compensation function. The device features at:
  • Simple low parts count
  • Internal 40V power switch
  • Wide input voltage range: 6V to 40V
  • Up to 750mA output current
  • High efficiency (up to 95% )
  • Single pin on/off and brightness control using DC voltage or PWM
  • Up to 1MHz switching frequency
  • Inherent open-circuit LED protection
  • Thermal shutdown to protect IC itself
  • Temperature compensation to protect LEDs
  • 500mA (Typ) over current protection
Heat ventilation or heat sinking problem for high power LED is always a headache for LED product manufacturers. Heat generated in the process will cause the luminous decay and shorten the LED life. Therefore, the heat management is a most important LED system design factor. The most used the solution is to make use of heat sinking hardware materials but it adds a lot in cost. SN3352 uses electric circuit technique to realize the heat management thus control the luminous decay, it is not only cost effective but also has artificial intelligence features, and will surely become the main stream.
Si-En Technology, a fabless design house with leading-edge technology, designs, develops and markets high performance analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for the following key markets: mobile communications, digital consumer electronics, networking, and automotive electronics. Our primary products are audio amplifiers, LED drivers, power management and temperature sensors. We target high growth markets with our low cost, high quality semiconductor products and seek to build long-term relationships with our customers. We have been a committed long-term supplier of our products.
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