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Audio PA
Mono Speaker Driver
Stereo Speaker Driver
Stereo Speaker Driver with HP
HP Driver
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Multi-Function I/O Driver
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Temperature Sensor
Audio PA
The product is to drive speaker to deliver high quality sound. It can be used in:

  • Cellular Phone/PDA
  • Mp3/Mp4/PMP
  • Desktop Phone
  • Digital Frame
  • Notebook
  • Portable DVD
Parts Description Compatible info
Mono Speaker Driver
SN2005 2.6W Mono Filterless Class-D Audio Power Amplifier TPA2005
SN2010B 3W@5.0V Mono Filter-less Class-D Audio Power Amplifier N/A
SN4990D 1.2W Audio Power Amplifier with Active-low Shutdown Mode LM4990;TS4890,NCP2890
SN4990/SN4990A 1.2W Class AB Power Amplifier LM4990;TS4890,NCP2890
SN4991 1.2W Audio Power Amplifier with Active-low Standby Mode LNM4990
Stereo Speaker Driver
SN4088D Dual 2.6W Stereo Audio Amplifier N/A
SN4066D Dual 1.3W Stereo Audio Amplifier N/A
Stereo Speaker Driver with HP
SN4088A Dual 2.84W Stereo Audio PA with headphone NA
SN4832 Dual 2.5W Stereo Audio PA with tone control, 3D and headphone NA
HP Driver
Cellular Phone/PDA
Digital Still Camera
Panel LED Driver
LED Lighting
Portable DVD
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